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The Highest Quality Motivated Seller Leads

The Most Accurate and Up-to-date Motivated Seller Data That You Won't find Anyvvhere Else

Build lead lists, skip trace, and manage your data all in one app.


The #1 Lead Generation & Management System For Real Estate Pros


List Builder


Build highly targeted marketing lists of motivated homeowners in your local market by filtering down your search to focus only on the right prospects.

  • Search for properties and homeowners in your market.
  • Discover which sellers are potential prospects.
  • Narrow down on your lists to focus on only the sellers who need to sell.
  • Use direct marketing to reach your list of receptive and motivated sellers.

List Manager


Get the most out of your data, and cut down on marketing costs. List Manager will allow you to streamline your list management and pinpoint your highest-value leads.

  • Any status changes to your leads will automatically update for you.
  • Filter your lists to find the most motivated leads across all your lists.
  • Instantly validate the accuracy of your records simply by uploading them.
  • Get actionable insights that matter - available at the click of a button.



Skip ahead of the line, and get a leg up on your competition by getting access to the most recent phone numbers and emails for your leads.

  • Receive the high quality owner contact information your business needs.
  • Pay a price per record that is reasonable and affordable.
  • Get your results back within minutes, and only pay for successful skip traces.
  • Receive access to marketing resources to assist you in calling and texting your leads.

List Builder

Get instant access to over 155 million leads at your fingertips

Build and customize marketing lists for your real estate business. Identify and target property owners that need to sell. Filter your lists to remove homeowners and properties who don't fit your target audience. Download your list of motivated leads in seconds, and deploy your direct marketing campaign.

  • 100+ Targeting Criteria
  • Up-to-date Marketing Lists
  • Duplicate Removal
  • List Suppression
  • New Match Notifications
  • Fast FiltersTM
  • Much More

Specialty Leads

The Leading Industry Provider of Highly Motivated Seller Leads

Tax Deliquents
Code Violations
Utility Shut Offs
Fire Damaged
Much More!

The best deals come from the best lead sources. When you invest in quality leads the chances of converting your leads into deals significantly increases. This in turn enables you to significantly reduce marketing spend by hyperfocusing on only the highest value opportunities.

Give your business a competitive advantage by discovering the property owners who have a clear underlying distress, and that are motivated to work with you.

  • Highest Quality Motivated Seller Leads
  • Less Competition Than Other Lead Types
  • Over 30+ Niche FiltersTM
  • Automatic Lead Updater (For Qualifying Plans)

List Manager

Easily Discover And Manage Your Most Motivated Leads

Save countless hours and hundreds or even thousands of dollars every single month by using List Manager to automatically keep your data fresh and accurate - while allowing you to easily filter and layer your lists to get deeper insights into your most motivated leads.

Lead Update Notifications
Our system routinely refreshes your lists to update any status changes, including new ownership, mailing addresses and more.
Powerful Filtering Capabilities
Easily layer your lists and get insights into which of your leads are the most motivated.
Real Actionable Insights
All of your records are automatically filtered by Owner-Type, flagged against the USPS Vacancy Database, and more.
Record Validation
Automatic Validation of Owner Name, Mailing Address and Property Address.

Skip Tracing

Top Tier Skip Tracing at Highly Competitive Pricing

It is important to have multiple ways to contact your leads. With PropertyLeads Skip Tracing™ we aim to provide you with only the most up-to-date and accurate phone numbers, emails and mailing addresses. Our process is automated and you only pay for the results that you receive.

  • High Quality Results
  • Just $0.12 to $0.15 a Record
  • Pay Per Match Only
  • Average 97.2% Match Rate
  • Results Finalized in Minutes
  • Phone Numbers & Emails


Get instant access to the highest quality and most sought after motivated seller leads in your market

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