Motivated Seller Leads

for Investors and Agents

We are a real estate marketing agency whose primary focus is bringing
real estate professionals and motivated home sellers together.

How We Work

Want to put your motivated seller leads on autopilot so that you have a steady flow of them?

We can bring highly motivated home sellers to you! We deal with off-market home selling opportunities. Our leads are people who want to sell their home quickly and are ready for fast cash. Here are some typical scenarios our motivated seller are experiencing:

The home is in need of repairs that are beyond what they can invest in and they want to sell fast

Their home is in foreclosure and rather than lose it they want to sell it quickly and save their credit

They have tried working with an agent but the agent was unable to sell the home

They have been through the probate process and are ready to unload the home quickly

They are tax delinquent and need to sell fast in order to avoid losing the property

They have filed for bankruptcy and need to sell fast in order to complete the transition

We generate thousands of high-quality motivated seller leads each and every month. Our motivated sellers are ready to sell fast for cash. As a Property Leads client, we will provide you with their contact information and property details the moment we make a connection with them. Here are a few of the many benefits of working with us:

Excellent Service

In addition to being a marketing agency, we are real estate investors, so we know exactly what it takes to succeed. We’re here to help you every step of the way.

No Hidden Fees

We work in a transparent manner so that you know exactly where we fit in with your plan.

Real-Time Delivery

We send you the seller’s contact and property information immediately once they contact us. This way you won’t miss out on any valuable opportunities.


The best opportunities come when there is no competition. Any leads we a provide you will not be shared with others.

Per Lead Pricing

We have a fair and competitive per lead pricing system that maximizes your profits. You only pay for the leads you receive.

Credit Policy for Invalid Leads

We understand how important high-quality leads are and we stand behind our connections. Ask us about our Credit Policy.

Our Story

Since 2003, we have helped many agents and investors find high quality seller leads who are ready to sell their home quickly. We have developed a marketing system that consistently works to identify those sellers who are highly motivated and ready to sell. We know exactly what it takes to succeed in this market and are able to bridge the gap between motivated sellers and agents and investors who can help meet their needs. Our program focuses on locating those sellers who are seeking fast cash and then connecting them with the investors and agents who can make it happen.

At Property Leads we know exactly what it takes to generate high quality leads for our clients. We are investors ourselves and we own and operate a seven-figure real estate investment and wholesale company. We use our lead generating methods to generate our own lucrative leads, as well as leads for the many clients we have here at!

Our company focuses on professionalism, being competitive, and maintaining consistent access to high quality leads for our clients. We never charge upfront fees, or setup costs. We only make money once you have obtained a valid lead. At Property Leads, we realize our success depends on your success, and we value the relationship every step of the way!

Why Us

It’s simple! By working with Property Leads, you will increase your lead volume, deal flow, and your profits, helping you to grow your company. We have a proven system for generating truly motivated seller leads and bringing them together with serious investors and agents such as yourself. If you want to work with more motivated sellers in your area, you will want to take advantage of working with us.

We have a proven highly valuable lead-generating system that allows us to work with thousands of distressed homeowners around the country. Every month, these homeowners are motivated to sell their homes quickly, so that they have fast access to the cash they need. Our program has been designed to help you generate profits quickly and have a competitive edge over others agents and investors in your area.

We Know Motivation


We provide Motivated Seller Leads to hundreds of investors and agents in over 250 markets across the
country. Here are some words from a few of our clients:

Jeff C

“Property Leads has been fantastic at helping me to grow my business and increase my profit margin. Not only did they help me to reduce the amount of time spent I spent looking for new leads and prospecting, but their leads put sales into my hands at a faster rate.”

Mark M

“The lead generation service that Property Leads has developed is pure gold. Every investor should know how much it can help them. It has been great at providing me with the off-market deals I need to grow my business.”

Laura W

“I was a little skeptical that Property Leads could deliver. But after working with them I am blown away by how awesome their leads are. Thank you, Property Leads!”

Frequently Asked Questions


What type of leads does Property Leads provide to agents and investors?

The leads we provide are all high quality and valuable to your growth potential. The sellers we work with are highly motivated to sell immediately and are looking for quick cash for their homes. Whether a result of divorce, financial trouble, property inheritance, or otherwise, when you connect with them you can cash in.

How much does your service cost?

We are a pay-per-lead service. You only pay for the valid leads that you receive, and the cost varies by market. However, you will only have a fee when we provide you with a valid lead. Please contact us for more details regarding our fee structure.

How can I get more information about the Property Leads program?

Contact us and we will be happy to send you the information you need. Feel free to let us know what questions you may have, as well. We want you to understand how our property lead generation program works and we will do everything we can to get all your questions answered in a timely manner.

What sets Property Leads apart from the competition?

We have a proven system that works. We understand exactly the type of sellers you need in order to maximize your profits, and that’s who we seek out and connect you to. We do the groundwork, saving you time, so that you can focus your time on doing more deals. We only make money when there’s a valid lead, which further keeps your costs down and increases your return on investment.

Are there any long term contracts when using Property Leads?

No, we don’t require long term contracts. You are able to cancel or pause your service with us whenever you would like to.

Is my city or county available for receiving seller leads?

We cover a large geographic area, so your area is most likely included. Some markets may be sold out. However, we receive thousands of high quality seller leads every month and so it’s highly likely that we can work with you in your city or county.

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