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Most Comprehensive Collection of Motivated Seller Data

Give your business a competitive advantage by only focusing on the most qualified prospects - allowing you to save time, cut down on marketing costs and get in front of the best opportunities.

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Unrivaled Data & Pricing
Unrivaled Data & Pricing

Get access to the hardest to find motivated seller data in your local market.

Unmatched Filtering Capabilities
Unmatched Filtering Capabilities

Narrow down on your lists to focus on only the sellers who need to sell.

High Quality Skiptracing
High Quality Skip Tracing

Top tier skip tracing available at highly competitive pricing.

Leading Industry Provider of Tax Delinquent Properties

Get access to the motivated leads that other data companies don’t provide, AND that the vast majority of your own local competitors aren’t focusing on.

The PropertyLeads software tool provides you access to Tax Delinquent Properties and you can filter by amount owed, years delinquent, property type, and much more!

Leading Industry Provider of Tax Delinquent  Properties
Largest Database of Vacant Homes

Largest Database of Vacant Homes

PropertyLeads™ is the only data provider in the industry that offers access to highly accurate vacant lead lists. We insure quality by aggregating data from several different sources.

Get instant access to THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE AND DETAILED vacancy data available in your market.

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Stacking Made Simple
Stacking Made Simple

We automatically stack your data and give you insights into which of your records are the most motivated.

List Cleaning
List Cleaning

Our system routinely refreshes your lists to update motivation indicators and remove properties that have sold.

Data Appending
Data Appending

All of your records are appended against the USPS Vacancy Database.

Unrivaled Data And Pricing

Let us focus on providing your business the most up to date and highest quality data in your local market, so that you can save time and money while focusing on what you do best - doing real estate deals.

Get access to the best data, at the best prices.

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