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Hi, I’m Andy Kolodgie...

Andy started as a software engineer for the Navy with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Virginia Tech. In 2020, he created 1 lead generating “We buy houses” website to gain experience on both the marketing and sales sides of wholesaling. He gravitated towards the marketing side, and this transcended into 6 more investor sites producing hundreds of SEO leads every month nationwide.

After managing multiple partnerships and closing deals across the country, Andy and his partners, Liz and Kyle, launched Property Leads to give even more investors access to the highest motivation leads through our pay-per-lead platform.

Grow Your Business With Our Leads

Rather than building a nationwide wholesaling operation, we are selling our high quality SEO leads to investors looking to grow their businesses. We want our lead buyers to have the highest lead to deal ratio, which keeps us incentivized to produce the highest motivation leads. We don’t make money unless our buyers are satisfied with our lead quality.

motivated leads

We Understand Motivation

We don't just sell "real estate leads", we sell motivated home seller leads. The goal is for our lead buyers to grow their businesses from our motivated seller leads.

Grow My Business!
lead quality

We Prioritize Lead Quality

If you receive an unmotivated home seller lead, we will refund you. This includes leads listed on the MLS, mobile homes, wholesalers, duplicates, and spam.

Refund Policy

We Deliver SEO Leads​

Our pay-per-lead platform vs. others is like comparing apples to oranges. In-bound marketing leads have the highest lead to deal ratio. This is why we sell SEO leads. NO Facebook leads.

SEO vs. Other Marketing

Get Access To The Highest Motivation Leads

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